Auction 1044, Lot 708

A very fine netsuke of a shishi

A very good Kyoto school ivory netsuke of a lively shishi climbing on a ball, by Okatori. Late 18th/early 19th century

Ivory. Height 4.5 cm.

Compare a very similar piece by Okatori in MCI, p. 623 and a similar piece by Tomokazu in Lazarnick, p. 1153

Estimate € 7000 - 9000

Joseph (Joe) Kurstin, Miami, FL (sold at Nagel, 13.11.2007, lot 2669)

Standing upright on one leg, placing the other hind leg and left forepaw on a ball and raising its other forepaw, the bushy tail with undercutting, a moveable ball in the open mouth. The nerve of the tooth plugged with ivory of a lighter colour and the eye pupils of black horn. Signed Okatori.