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und Anonym - Ohne Titel (Underwater atomic Bomb, Bikini Atoll)

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und Anonym

Ohne Titel (Underwater atomic Bomb, Bikini Atoll)

17,1 x 34,2 cm (18,2 x 35,5 cm). Vintage, Gelatinesilberabzug.

Diese Aufnahme des Baker Tests gehört zweifelsohne zu den bekanntesten Bildern vom Bikini Atoll. Shurcliff beschreibt es entsprechend eingehend in seiner Publikation von 1946: „In this striking view of Baker Day test the condensation cloud has disappeared near the surface of the Lagoon, revealing the target array and the up surging column of ten million tons of water. As if resentful of its imprisonment under water the bomb hurled this column of water, fully 2,200 feet in diameter, 6,000 feet into the air. The column is moving upward with such incredible speed that its remarkable mottled appearance is caught only on short-exposure photographs such as this. The condensation cloud now covers an area of approximately ten square miles. The dark hole on the right of the column marks the location of the battleship „Arkansas“ which sank within a matter of seconds after the burst.“ (zit. nach: William S. Shurcliff, Operation Crossroads. The Official Pictorial Record, New York 1946, S. 188f. mit Abb.)