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Three ivory netsuke. 19th century

Japanische Kunst (Rüstungen, Schwerter, Netsuke, Inro, Sagemono)  07.06.2019, 14:00 - 07.06.2019, 18:00

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Three ivory netsuke. 19th century

a) A sleeping sarumawashi and a monkey reaching for the trainer’s basket, chipped, b) an upright standing monkey with a funny mask and bells, signed Gyokusai, and c) a monkey leaning against a peach. Restored (3)
Height a) 2.1 cm; b) 4.6 cm; c) 2.4 cm


a) Purchased from Helmut Laudenbach, Berg, 22.2.1985; coll. no. 497 (handwritten); b) purchased from Ohmura, Hamburg, December 1966; coll. no. 839 (handwritten); c) purchased from Alexander Pollmer, Munich; coll. no. 963 (printed and handwritten)