- Kawanabe Kyôsai (1831-1889)

Kawanabe Kyôsai (1831-1889)

25 x 17.7 cm. Kyôsai gadan, naihen and gaihen. Four volumes; complete. Naihen 2 volumes first series: part a with 39 pages; part b with 40 pages, consisting of various text segments in Japanese and English about painting (Learning of Painting; The Force of Pencil Used according to Objects; The Movement of Painting, etc.). Gaihen 2 volumes second series: part c with 36 pages; part d with 36 pages. Kyosai’s biography and a manual on painting. Many illustrations in black and white, some with light colours. Publisher: Iwamoto Shun. Date: Meiji 20 (1887). Later edition, still Meiji. With damaged wrapper. (4) Good impressions and colours, some stains, traces of usage, all in all good condition

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