Evans Mbugua - Gesture

Evans Mbugua - Gesture - image-1
Evans Mbugua - Gesture - image-1

Evans Mbugua


Öl auf Plexiglas vor bedrucktem Karton. 100 x 70 cm. Gerahmt. Signiert und datiert 'Evans 2018'. Rückseitig auf dem Karton signiert, datiert, betitelt und beschriftet 'Mbugua Evans 2018 -Gesture- motif: Pata Pata' sowie mit Material- und Maßangaben.

In these works, I paint the body expressing itself through dance. To me, dancing is mainly how the body has always expressed itself. Expressions of joy, peace, excitement, tension, style, balance, rhythm, flow… Dancing as a universal language. This body of works involves two contemporary choreographers of whom I've been separately observing since roughly two years. I say "separately" because they had never met before I created these works. I got interested on keenly looking at their respective movements as a form of expression during their rehearsals and performances. Unknown to each other, I wanted to create some sort of conversation between their different fields of contemporary dancing through my work. I built this series of works like one contemporary dance performance. I find that through the art-pieces, from one body expression to another, a dialogue is created. For Art Paris Art Fair 2018, the two choreographers (Wanjiru and Smaïl) shall finally meet to re-enact the art pieces through an in-situ live performance. This shall be the second phase of my "body-language" project (work-in-progress) where I'm experimenting on creating links between visual arts and contemporary dance, creating a bridge between two worlds. - Evans Mbugua, February 2018


Artco Galerie, Aachen; Privatsammlung, Europa

Lot 349 N

5.000 € - 7.000 €

7.500 €