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Ohne Titel

Öl auf Hanfstoff. 60 x 73 cm. Gerahmt. Signiert und datiert 'T.Kim-84'. Rückseitig auf dem Keilrahmen mit Richtungspfeil.

I discovered the water drop one morning after working at night. Quite dissatisfied with myself, I had splashed some water with my hands on the back of the canvases. And I noticed that the water drops stayed there and were shining on the canvas. It was extraordinary. I thought: that's what I have to do. I wondered if I could make art out of this. At that time, I wanted to break away from the experience of the war. When I discovered the water drop, I thought I had found a playing ground that could be my own. It also reconnected me back to eastern philosophies like Taoism and Zen Buddhism. My first show at Knoll International was very well received. Poet Alain Bosquet wrote a very good review in the newspaper, Combat and a lot of people came, including Salvador Dali, who wrote in the guestbook, cela égale en magnificence la Gare de Perpignan-this equals in magnificence the train station of Perpignan! (Kim Tschang-Yeul: Art Without Ego, Ocula Magazine Conversation, Vivian Chui, New York 2019, <https://ocula.com/magazine/conversations/kim-tschang-yeul/>)


Galerie Diana Küppers, Düsseldorf (1987); Privatsammlung, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Lot 58 D

30.000 € - 40.000 €

106.250 €