KANAK FIGURE - image-1

Lot 73 Dα


Schätzpreis: 15.000 € - 20.000 €
Ergebnis: 31.500 €

New Caledonia

93 cm. high

The 1977 Christie catalogue records that the figure was purchased in Chelsea, London, in the 1920s, by Mrs. Topolski and her husband, Feliks Topolski, the distinguished artist. However, Feliks Topolksi did not arrive in England until 1935 and married the actress, Marian Everall, in 1944, so the figure must have been acquired after 1935. Their marriage was dissolved in 1975.


Feliks and Marian Topolski, London
Christie’s, London, 13 July 1977, lot 59
Kevin Conru, Brussels
Peter Adler, London
Seymour Lazar, Palm Springs, acquired from the above 6 October 1999


Conru Primitive Art, "The Colour of Melanesia", 1999, p.55, no.29