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Lot 92 Dα

Lynn Chadwick - High Wind

Zeitgenössische Kunst und Photographie  05.12.2008, 00:00 - 06.12.2008, 00:00

Schätzpreis: 400.000 € - 500.000 €
Ergebnis: 624.000 €

Lynn Chadwick

High Wind

Bronze mit schwarzer Patina. Höhe ca. 190 cm. Rückseitig auf dem linken Oberschenkel gestempelte Nummer "C 20" sowie datiert "1984" und numeriert. Exemplar 3/6 - Mit geringfügigen Witterungsspuren.

"Just as some of his figures become winged, a theme he took up again in the early 1970s, so in 1976 he evolved striding figures clad in cloaks which, as the idea took hold of his imagination, became ever more voluminous and billow out in the wind behind them, as in Pair of Walking Figures - Jubilee 1977 (769). Still more recently, these billowing cloaks assumed the fan shape of a dove displaying its tail feathers. In formal terms, too, Chadwick had delighted in contrasting the extravagant curves of the drapery with the gaunt angularity of the bodies they help to define. The practical problem of supporting such figures was neatly solved by the presence of these cloaks, the lower parts of which touch the ground. The later development of this theme, on a large scale, was the woman caught in a gust of wind coming from behind her and which blows her hair across her face and lifts her skirts in front of her, as in High Wind 1984 (C20), for which trial maquettes date back to 1980. Here, however, he treated her buttocks and legs more naturallistically, indicating the curve of the calf muscles, for instance, rather than using the almost straight-sided box-section convention for the legs which appears in related works of the same period." (Dennis Farr in: Dennis Farr and Éva Chadwick, Lynn Chadwick, Sculptor, With a Complete Illustrated Catalogue 1947-2005, Aldershot, Hampshire 2006, S.12).


Farr/Chadwick C 20


Privatsammlung, Belgien


vgl. Nico Koster und Paul Levine, Lynn Chadwick, The sculptor and his world, Leiden 1988, S.95, 108 u. 109 mit Farbabb.


Ausstellung: vgl. London 1984 (Marlborough Fine Art), Chadwick, Recent Sculpture, Kat.Nr.23 mit Farbabb.