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Christo - The Gates (Project for Central Park, New York City)

Auktion 930 - Übersicht Köln
05.12.2008, 00:00 - Zeitgenössische Kunst und Photographie
Schätzpreis: 80.000 € - 120.000 €
Ergebnis: 69.600 € (inkl. Aufgeld)

2-teilige Arbeit: Wachskreide, Kohle, Bleistift, teils mit bedruckter Papier- und Stoffcollage auf festem Karton auf Holz 28 x 71 cm und 56 x 71 cm, einzeln unter Plexiglas gerahmt. Die obere Tafel oben links signiert und datiert Christo 1984 sowie entlang des unteren Randes betitelt THE GATES (PROJECT FOR CENTRAL PARK, NEW YORK CITY) und mit weiteren Angaben zum Projekt versehen. Rückseitig auf dem Holz signiert und datiert Christo 1984 und der Werknummer 47 A sowie mit Hängeanweisung versehen. Die untere Tafel entlang des oberen und unteren Randes mit Angaben zum Projekt versehen. Rückseitig auf dem Holz zweifach signiert und datiert Christo 1984 und der Werknummer 47 B sowie mit Hängeanweisung versehen.

Jeanne-Claude und Christo äußerten zu 'The Gates' in einem Interview gegenüber Jonathan David Fineberg:
Jeanne-Claude: "As we lived in New York, more and more years, and started to know New York better, and traveling all over the world, we realized that New York is the most walking city in the world. And where do people walk leisurely? In the park, and which park? Central Park.
Christo: Also, the greatness of the site. All our projects work in that, really, the importance of the site, the site is really the meaning of the project, the forces and the logistics, and the site is incredible [...]
Now, the rectangular shape of the poles reflects the rectangular shape of the city blocks; you can see this very well, all this black shadow of the city blocks, hundreds of city blocks all around Central Park. With the fabric attached only at the upper part of the gates, moving in all directions, the wind moves it sensually to reflect the serpentine character of the walkway system, and the naked branches of the tree, all these contrasts between the geometry of the city, the regularity, very strict regularity of the city...
Jeanne-Claude: The gates, our work of art, is absolutely for Central Park. It is site-specific, it couldn't be any more specific, even its name. [...]
Christo: Now, The Gates will be, ... one of the most exciting projects. We did the survey last autumn and this winter, we went back when the leaves were gone to survey some additional areas where we couldn't see well with the leaves. The visibility of that project will be absolutely unbelievable. With these bare, naked, leafless trees, with this fire-quality color of the poles, will be unbelievable. When you go to the park you don't see where the faraway walkways are, you can only see them if people are walking on them. But if there are no people walking, you do not see the walkways. Imagine how it will be with our Gates, there will be views from far away because there will be no leaves." (Christo and Jeanne-Claude in: Interview Jonathan David Fineberg - Christo and Jeanne-Claude, New York 25.Juli 2003, in: Jonathan David Fineberg, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, On the way to the Gates, Central Park, New York City, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Ausst.Kat. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New Haven 2004, S.176/177 u. S.186).


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