Fabrizio Plessi - Cariatide Mediterranea

“My relationship with water has a long background. I live in Venice and perhaps my feelings towards water are similar to those of the Japanese, whose land is completely surrounded by water. At first glance, water and video are two mediums which are seemingly diametrically opposed. Water is a primordial element that nature has consisted of since prehistoric times, even before the beginning of history. Video is always closely connected with the most modern technologies; it is a current and unmistakable medium of technology. Water and video: I have been studying the secret complicity between these phenomena for years. Water and video both have a blue surface, a similar skin. I would love to combine the blue of the water’s surface with the blue of the screen. Water and video are both fluid and have the function of transporting something. Water transports objects. Video transports information. It flows on the screen; everything is constantly transforming. This is the same for water. Both have a deep relationship with light. Both obtain their beauty through light”. (Fabrizio Plessi, quoted after: Carsten Ahrens: Der Fluss aller Dinge, in: Carl Haenlein (Ed.), Fabrizio Plessi, Der hängende Wald, L'Anima della Materia, Ausst.Kat. Kestner Gesellschaft et al., Hannover 1999, pp.65-66).