The Famous Hermès Kelly Bag

The black crocodile leather Kelly bag is possibly the most iconic handbag of the 20th century. The design acquired its moniker, which Hermès made into a label, after Princess Gracia Patricia - the former actress Grace Kelly - carried it held across her body in 1956 to conceal her first pregnancy.

Although the form probably originated in the 1930s, it was thanks to Grace Kelly that the design achieved such great popularity. The Kelly bag has remained one of Hermès’ top-selling pieces to this day, and is produced in all manner of fashionable colours and finishes.

Experts can confirm the authenticity of this bag from minute details such as the gold embossed label, the numbers of the locks, and the date. Hermès take great pride in the painstaking attention to detail applied to the manufacture of these handbags, as it justifies the exorbitant cost of new models. However, older pieces can also achieve astonishing prices on the second hand market. In their upcoming auction, Lempertz will be offering two classic black Kelly bags at highly competitive estimates.

So, ladies, now is your chance! Such rare and timelessly elegant vintage Hermès pieces do not appear on the market that often…

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