Appraisal Days

Auctioning art professionally: Attend the Lempertz Expert Days for advice 

At the beginning of each auction season, the so-called Expert Days are held where the specialists from each department travel not only to our representative offices in Berlin, Munich and Brussels, but also throughout Germany and Europe. 
If you are interested in having an artwork valued, our experts are pleased to provide a non-binding consultation. Whether silver, Old Masters, classical modern or contemporary art, photography, Asian or African art – we will inform you how you can successfully sell your objects with us. We also have extensive experience with the sale of entire collections and are happy to advise you. 
Visit our Expert Days at one of our international locations – we look forward to working with you!


All Departments                   Sept. 2021 Details


Old Masters, Decorative Arts, Jewellery, Silver16. Sept. 2021  Details
Modern and Contemporary Art16./17. Sept. 2021  Details
Photography16./17. Sept. 2021  Details
Asian Art16./17. Sept. 2021  Details

Bremen / Hannover

All departmentsby appointment  Details 


Jewellery24 Sept 2021 Details
Decorative Arts23 Sept 2021 Details
Photography04 Oct 2021 Details
Old Masters24 Sept 2021 Details
Modern and Contemporary Art20 Sept 2021 Details
Asian Art21 Sept 2021 Details


All departmentsby appointment Details


All departments08 Sept 2021    Details


All departments15 Sept 2021 Details


All departments  by appointment Details

Los Angeles and San Francisco

All departmentsby appointment Details


Old Masters, 19th C. and Sculpture, Decorative Arts,     20/21 Sept 2021 Details
Jewellery        22 Sept 2021 Details
Asian Art    23/24 Sept 2021 Details
Modern and Contemporary Art    28/29 Sept 2021 Details
Photography    28/29 Sept 2021 Details


Asian Art                                                                            9 Sept 2021 Details
Modern Art                                                                        13 - 15 Sept 2021 Details
Contemporary Art                                                                              13 - 15 Sept 2021  Details
Jewellery/Silver/Decorative Arts                                                                            1 – 3 Sept 2021  Details
Old Masters                                                                        1 – 3 Sept 2021 Details
Photography                                                                            by appointment Details
African and Oceanic Art                                                                             by appointment Details

New York / Boston

Photography8-11 Sept 2021 Details


Old Masters, Decorative Arts and Jewellery           by appointment Details
Modern and Contemporary Art        2 Oct 2021 Details
Photography             5/6 Oct 2021 Details
Asian Art           by appointment Details


Modern and Contemporary Arts23/24 Sept 2021 Details
Old Masters, Decorative Arts, Jewellery             by appointment Details
Asian Artby appointment  Details
Photography22/23 Sept 2021 Details


Modern and Contemporary Art21 Sept 2021  Details
Photography21 Sept 2021  Details
Old Masters, Decorative Arts, Jewelleryby appointment  Details
Asian Artby appointment  Details


Modern and Contemporary Artby appointment Details
Photography14 Sept 2021 Details
All other departmentsby appointment Details