It is one advantage of art to be able to reach the emotions of the viewer purely through the visual. Thus the question of a rational comprehensible use is often overlooked. However, Japan of the 17th century bore an art out of pure utilitarianism which still today awakens pleasure in collectors...

Dr. Werner Schäfke, art historian and former director of Cologne’s city museum, directs his gaze onto the portrait Der Maler Heinrich Hoerle (The Painter Heinrich Hoerle) by August Sander and portrays his personal impressions. Let yourself be surprised!

After the great approval in Autumn, we introduce this season’s highlights of the upcoming Spring auction in brief videos. This year we were also able to get a hold of exciting personalities, including style icon Britt Kanja. She shares her personal take on the sculpture Die Nacht by Emil Wolff,...

Interview mit der gebürtigen Österreicherin Linde Waber anlässlich unserer Auktion zeitgenössischer Kunst lempertz:projects.

Der ehemalige Schüler Gotthard Graubners über seine Kunst, seine Pläne, Ausstellungen und seine Inspiration. Ein Interview mit dem gebürtigen Koblenzer.

“Inspiration finde ich in der Beobachtung des alltäglichen Lebens.” Interview mit dem Künstler Robert Brandy.

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