Horst Antes

Date/place of birth

1936 Heppenheim

Horst Antes - Figur 3-Äugig (Figure three-eyed)
Horst Antes - Figur 3-Äugig (Figure three-eyed)

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Horst Antes biography

Horst Antes studied under HAP Grieshaber from 1957-1959 at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Karlsruhe. He belonged to the most important representatives of the new figurative painting in Germany. His early work was strongly influenced by the American Expressionist Willem de Kooning and the atavistic art of non-European cultures such as the Pueblo Indians. In the 1960s, Antes developed the 'Kopffüßler' (Head Footer) which became his central motif in his painting, sculpture and graphic sheets. With the symbolic 'Kopffüßler' Antes reduced the human body – mostly depicted in profile and consisting of a monumental head without a torso onto which the limbs were directly attached – to an archaically elegant minimum. Antes participated many times at documenta (1964, 1968, 1977) in Kassel, and in 1966 received the Prize for Painting at the XXXIII Biennale in Venice. The artist lives in Karlsruhe, Berlin and Castellina in Chianti.

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Horst AntesFigur 3-Äugig (Figure three-eyed)€31.200
Horst Antes7. Roter Kopf (mit rotem H-Hut)€29.760
Horst AntesBoot und Haus€22.500
Horst AntesSieneser Kopf (Doppelporträt)€21.250
Horst AntesKopf mit Kopf im Mund (head with head in a mouth)€19.360
Horst AntesVotiv (votive)€19.200

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