Georg Baselitz

Date/place of birth

January 23, 1938, Deutschbaselitz

Georg Baselitz - biography

Georg Baselitz turned art on its head: The German sculptor, painter and draughtsman inverted his pictures and thus opened up a completely new perspective on familiar motifs, releasing the representational convention from traditional expectation and alienating the familiar.

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Georg BaselitzDer Jäger (Remix)€579.600
Georg BaselitzUntitled€173.600
Georg BaselitzUntitled€64.480
Georg BaselitzUntitled€44.100
Georg BaselitzOhne Titel€32.130
Georg Baselitz45-Januar-März, 45-Dezember I-II, Grün I-VII, IX-X; 45-April-November; Grün VIII€31.000