Ilse Bing

Date/place of birth

March 23, 1899, Frankfurt, Germany

Day/place of death

March 10, 1998, Manhattan, New York, United States

Ilse Bing - biography

After studying mathematics, physics and art history at Frankfurt am Main, Ilse Bing later took up photography and moved to Paris in 1930. Influenced by the style of “Neues Sehen” (New Vision), Bing experimented with various angles and lighting conditions, published photographs in newspapers and took part in successful exhibitions in the USA, England and France. In 1940, she and her husband were forced to flee from a French internment camp and were able to immigrate to New York, where her photographic work was rediscovered in the 1970s.

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Ilse BingTour Eiffel, Paris€7.930
Ilse BingPensionat de Jeunes Filles, Tours€7.068
Ilse BingSchiaparelli Lily Perfume€4.270
Ilse BingRue de Valois, Paris€3.720
Ilse BingUntitled (Prostitutes, Amsterdam)€3.528
Ilse BingSelf portrait with Leica€3.050