Norbert Bisky

Date/place of birth

October 10, 1970, Leipzig

Norbert Bisky - biography

Everything is possible in Norbert Bisky’s pictures. People and things learn to fly, fixed boundaries are overridden, the audience’s curiosity is served to the point of overexcitement. With his colourful catastrophes, merging bodies and drunken gods, the German painter became one of the most important contemporary artists and a celebrated representative of Postmodernism and New Realism.

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Norbert BiskyNeozon€126.000
Norbert BiskyHavarie€86.800
Norbert BiskyBoezemvriend€81.900
Norbert BiskyWir spielen Luftangriff€77.500
Norbert BiskyAbfall€67.500
Norbert BiskyAlle kommen durch€62.000