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Bruckmann & Söhne - Current offers and reference objects

Bruckmann & Söhne Prices

Bruckmann & SöhneA pair of opulent Heilbronn silver candelabra €9.300
Bruckmann & SöhneA Jugendstil silver cutlery set €9.300
Bruckmann & SöhneA 67 piece Heilbronn silver cutlery set designed by Emil Lettré. Comprising six dinner and starter knives, forks and spoons, four fish spoons and forks, four cake forks, seven coffee and seven mocca spoons and six serving pieces. Marks of Bruckmann & Söhn €5.208
Bruckmann & SöhneA large Jugendstil silver jardiniere €3.528
Bruckmann & SöhneA Heilbronn silver cutlery set designed by Emil Lettré €1.984
Bruckmann & SöhneA Heilbronn silver wine cooler €1.860