Peter Brüning

Date/place of birth

21. November 1929 DüsseldorfGermany

Day/place of death

05. December 1970 RatingenGermany

Peter Brüning - biography

Peter Brüning from Düsseldorf is a major representative of German Informalism. He studied under Willi Baumeister at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart from 1950. Whereas his early works were marked by his interpretation of Cubism, Brüning was subsequently influenced by French Informalism. In 1953, he founded Gruppe 53 (Group 53) together with Gerhard Hoehme and Winfred Gaul. Later the group was joined by Bernard Schultze and K.O. Götz.

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Peter Brüning Untitled €76.800
Peter Brüning Untitled €71.920
Peter Brüning Nr. 84 €69.540
Peter Brüning Untitled €69.300
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