Marc Chagall

Date/place of birth

1887 Vitebsk

Day/place of death

1985 Vence

Marc Chagall - Die Mäherin
Marc Chagall - Die Mäherin

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Marc Chagall biography

Marc Chagall grew up in a working-class, Orthodox Jewish family. His recollections of his childhood in the ghetto of Vitebsk, of his deeply religious family and of his many siblings were to provide the genuine source of and a fertile soil for his art. Chagall’s works display his great love for storytelling: in them he draws on the abundant and often mystical repertoire of Russian folk art and legends and interweaves these with his own dream images. The pair of lovers, the cock or scenes from the Old Testament appear repeatedly as leitmotifs in his works. In 1910 the artist travelled to Paris, where he met not only Léger, Modigliani and Soutine, but also poets, such as Guillaume Apollinaire and Blaise Cendrars. Chagall’s early paintings already display the expressive form full of lyrical and visionary power that is characteristic of his work. In 1914 Herwarth Walden presented the first solo exhibition featuring Chagall’s work in his Berlin gallery “Der Sturm”. Back in Vitebsk, Chagall was caught unawares by the outbreak of the First World War. He became the founding director of the Witebsk art school, where El Lissitzky and Malevich also taught for a time. In 1922 Chagall left Russia to initially live in Berlin and then in Paris. Beside his paintings, he also created extensive cycles of etchings as well as extremely masterful lithographs. In 1941 Chagall moved to the US. In 1946 the Museum of Modern Art in New York held the first comprehensive retrospective of his work. His creative power remained unbroken even in his old age. Between 1950 and 1970, the artist received numerous commissions to decorate public buildings. Chagall is one of the most important artists ot the modern age.

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Marc ChagallPortrait de Vava€93.750
Marc ChagallCarmen€52.080
Marc ChagallExodus€46.020
Marc ChagallLa chasse à l'Oiseau bleu€42.840

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