Raoul Dufy

Date/place of birth

03. June 1877 Le HavreFrance

Day/place of death

23. March 1953 ForcalquierFrance

Raoul Dufy - biography

Raoul Dufy conjured with colour and created an art of gentle friendliness that invites the viewer to linger, granting them a seldom moment of peace in an increasingly restless world. In doing so, the French painter oscillated his whole life between life-affirming enjoyment and the contemplative search for meaning.

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Raoul Dufy Prices

ArtistArtworkPrice (incl. premium)
Raoul DufyRaoul Dufy - Le Jardin à Munich €125.000
Raoul DufyRaoul Dufy - Le funiculaire à L'Estaque €74.400
Raoul DufyRaoul Dufy - Le Village de Céret €50.820
Raoul DufyRaoul Dufy - Nature morte aux fruits, baigneuses et voiliers €47.500
Raoul DufyRaoul Dufy - Bouquet de fleurs à la chaise €37.200
Raoul DufyRaoul Dufy - Londres €33.320