Max Ernst

Date/place of birth

02. April 1891 BrühlGermany

Day/place of death

01. April 1976 ParisFrance

Max Ernst - biography

Max Ernst was a Dadaist and a Surrealist in one person, and as sculptor, painter and graphic artist, was one of the most important German artists of the 20th century. His mystical surrealist pictorial combinations, fantastical landscapes and grotesque figures remain a riddle today.

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Max Ernst Prices

ArtistArtworkPrice (incl. premium)
Max ErnstMax Ernst - Mer agitée, soleil, nuage et maître Corbeau avec son fils €620.000
Max ErnstMax Ernst - Flaneurs (Les enfants de la Huchette) €312.500
Max ErnstMax Ernst - Nocturne I (Lueurs dans la nuit) €156.000
Max ErnstMax Ernst - Ophelia (auch: Luftspiegelung) - Ophelia (also: Mirage) €96.000
Max ErnstMax Ernst - La vase de Lyon €95.200
Max ErnstMax Ernst - Le facteur automne €93.750