Max Ernst

Date/place of birth

1891 Brühl

Day/place of death

1976 Paris

Max Ernst - Mer agitée, soleil, nuage et maître Corbeau avec son fils
Max Ernst - Mer agitée, soleil, nuage et maître Corbeau avec son fils

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Max Ernst biography

Max Ernst – who was among the most important Surrealist artists – first completed a degree in philosophy, psychology and art history in Bonn. At that time he had already come into contact with current developments in art and met August Macke, Robert Delaunay and Hans Arp, among others. As an artist, his education was exclusively autodidactic; in 1913 he was able to exhibit his work for the first time at the Erster Deutscher Herbstsalon. After serving in the war, Ernst founded the Cologne Dada group together with Arp and Johannes Baargeld. He created assemblages, frottages and photo collages. From 1922 onwards, Ernst lived in Paris, where he was among the founders of the Surrealist movement, along with André Breton and Paul Eluard. In the late 1920s the artist worked in series, creating the so-called “Grätenwälder” (Fish-Bone Forests), “Muschelblumen” (Shell Flowers), “Vogeldenkmäler” (Monuments to the Birds) and “Hordenbilder” (Horde paintings); shortly thereafter, he made several collage novels. In 1935 he created his first plaster sculptures based on casts of found objects. In 1939/40 Ernst was held several times in French internment camps, and in 1941 he immigrated to the US, where he initially lived in New York. In 1946, together with Dorothea Tanning, he moved to Sedona, in the state of Arizona, where he created an extensive body of sculptural work. In 1953 Max Ernst returned to France; numerous honours and retrospectives demonstrated his international success.

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Max Ernst Prices

Max ErnstMer agitée, soleil, nuage et maître Corbeau avec son fils€620.000
Max ErnstFlaneurs (Les enfants de la Huchette)€312.500
Max ErnstNocturne I (Lueurs dans la nuit)€156.000
Max ErnstLe Gulf Stream€137.500
Max ErnstOphelia (auch: Luftspiegelung) - Ophelia (also: Mirage)€96.000
Max ErnstLa vase de Lyon€95.200

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