Conrad Felixmüller

Date/place of birth

21. May 1897 DresdenGermany

Day/place of death

24. March 1977 BerlinGermany

Conrad Felixmüller - biography

Conrad Felixmüller, whose actual name was Conrad Felix Müller, began his artistic education in 1912 at the Dresden academy of art. He had already turned to Expressionism before completing his studies. Through Ludwig Meidner, Felixmüller established numerous connections to Expressionist artists and writers in Berlin. He worked for several Expressionist periodicals, and he dealt with social and political developments in his art. In 1919 he moved to Klotzsche, near Dresden, and became one of the founders of the Dresden Secession.

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Conrad FelixmüllerConrad Felixmüller - Klotzsche. Spät-Sommer-Abend. Verso: Bildnis Arthur Rudolph. (Klotzsche. Late-Summer-Evening. Verso: Portrait Arthur Rudolph) €240.000
Conrad FelixmüllerConrad Felixmüller - Kornpuppen (Grain shocks) €144.000
Conrad FelixmüllerConrad Felixmüller - Kornpuppen in trüber Landschaft (Klotzsche) €74.400
Conrad FelixmüllerConrad Felixmüller - Landschaft: Winterfenster €53.550
Conrad FelixmüllerConrad Felixmüller - Kohlenbergarbeiter €19.520
Conrad FelixmüllerConrad Felixmüller - Heimkehr der Kohlenarbeiter €15.470