H.A.P Grieshaber

Date/place of birth

February 15, 1909, Rot an der Rot, Germany

Day/place of death

May 12, 1981, Eningen, Germany

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H.A.P Grieshaber Prices

H.A.P GrieshaberDie Lorelei. Die Legion. CCA. Aus: Der Rhein€24.800
H.A.P GrieshaberDeutsche Landschaft€23.800
H.A.P GrieshaberBaumblüte€19.800
H.A.P GrieshaberLakai I (Purgatorium I)€14.994
H.A.P GrieshaberTotentanz von Basel€13.420
H.A.P GrieshaberCarmina Burana€9.996