George Grosz

Date/place of birth

1893 Berlin

Day/place of death

1959 Berlin

George Grosz - Soirée
George Grosz - Soirée

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George Grosz biography

George Grosz is one of the most important representatives of the New Objectivity; he studied from 1909 to 1911 at the Dresden Academy of Art and, for a brief period in 1912, at the Berlin School of Applied Art. He created his first caricatures at that time. During the First World War, he was active in the Berlin Dada movement; he was twice conscripted into military service at that time. From the 1920s onwards, he created an extensive oeuvre in the style of the New Objectivity: these works deal primarily with the dark side of life in the big city. In relentless, caricature-like images, Grosz exposes the haste, greed and narrow-mindedness of the big city’s inhabitants and denounces the excesses of its nightlife, prostitution and violent crime. Along with his bodies of work in painting and drawing, he also created an extensive body of prints and additionally worked as a stage designer and illustrator. In the 1920s his travels led him to Russia, Paris, the south of France and London. In 1933 Grosz immigrated to the US, where he and his family settled on Long Island; he received US citizenship in 1938. After the apocalyptic war images of the 1930s and 1940s, his late work – created in post-war America – consisted primarily of nudes and landscapes.

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George GroszSoirée€446.400
George GroszThe checkered Napkin€87.840
George GroszKaffeehaus Ober zwei kleine Pils€71.500
George GroszStilleben mit Hampelmann€53.550
George GroszEs klingt wie fernes Glockenläuten. Verso: Doppelstreife€47.120
George GroszBerliner Salon€44.640

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