George Grosz

Date/place of birth

July 26, 1893, Berlin, Germany

Day/place of death

July 6, 1959, Berlin, Germany

George Grosz - biography

George Grosz was a painter, provocateur, social critic and, according to his own testimony, “the saddest person in Europe”. The terrors of the First World War stayed with the German American artist his whole life and despite much success, in the last years of his life he considered his a failed existence. 

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George GroszSoirée€446.400
George GroszGanoven an der Theke€378.000
George GroszThe checkered Napkin€87.840
George GroszKaffeehaus Ober zwei kleine Pils€71.500
George GroszStilleben mit Hampelmann€53.550
George GroszEs klingt wie fernes Glockenläuten. Verso: Doppelstreife€47.120