Erich Heckel

Date/place of birth

Juli 31, 1883, Döbeln, Saxony

Day/place of death

Januar 27, 1970, Radolfzell

Erich Heckel - biography

Erich Heckel taught himself to paint using the art of Vincent van Gogh and Henri Matisse as models, eventually developing his own individual style with bright colours and contorted shapes and creating some of the most important works of German Expressionism.

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Erich Heckel Prices

Erich HeckelMeerlandschaft (Ostende)€124.000
Erich HeckelMännerbildnis€105.400
Erich HeckelStehendes Kind: Fränzi stehend (Standing Child: Fränzi Standing)€96.000
Erich HeckelHafenausfahrt in Flensburg€78.540
Erich HeckelLandschaft im Nahetal€66.533
Erich HeckelMännerbildnis (Portrait of a man)€60.000