Hermann Hesse

Date/place of birth

02. July 1877 CalwGermany

Day/place of death

09. August 1962 MontagnolaSwitzerland

Hermann Hesse - biography

Herman Hesse was a seeker. The German-Swiss writer, poet and painter wanted to change the world with his art, analysed, criticized, and did not shy away from political discussion, composing world-class literature such as Siddharta, Steppenwolf and The Glass Bead Game, and receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1946.

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Hermann Hesse Ticino Landscape €20.400
Hermann Hesse Tessiner Dorflandschaft €20.160
Hermann Hesse 12 Gedichte von Hermann Hesse €17.640
Hermann Hesse Tessiner Landschaft (Stall überm See) €13.090
Hermann Hesse Tessiner Berglandschaft mit Dorfkirche (Chiesa in collina) €12.600
Hermann Hesse Tessiner Landschaft (Haus vor Berglandschaft) €9.520