André Kertész

Date/place of birth

02. July 1894 BudapestHungary

Day/place of death

28. September 1985 New YorkUnited States

André Kertész - biography

André Kertész was a guide and a crosser of borders; born in Hungary, he accomplished the difficult dichotomy between Surrealism and New Objectivity with playful ease, always preserving the intuitive spontaneity that distinguishes this truly gifted artist. He thus shaped the style of artistic photography for several decades up until his death.

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André Kertész Prices

ArtistArtworkPrice (incl. premium)
André KertészAndré Kertész - Untitled (Three stage sets designed by Piet Mondrian for 'L'éphémère est )éternel' €21.080
André KertészAndré Kertész - MELANCHOLIC TULIP €7.865
André KertészAndré Kertész - Christopher Street, New York €7.500
André KertészAndré Kertész - Satiric Dancer, Paris €6.200
André KertészAndré Kertész - Satiric Dancer €6.125
André KertészAndré Kertész - Melancholic Tulip €5.368