Koons, Jeff

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1955 York, Pennsylvania

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The American sculptor, painter and conceptual artist Jeff Koons lives in New York. From 1972-1976, he studied art and design at the Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore, and at the Art Institute of Chicago. Koons monumentalises the trivial such as animal balloons out of bronze and stainless steel ('Inflatables' 1976-79) or alienates everyday objects such as the vacuum cleaner in room installations ('The New' 1979/80). In his work, he is concerned with the boundary between art and kitsch, 'high' and 'low', and in the spirit of Pop Art looks at the consumer world and artistic strategies such as the Readymade. The themes of his works originate from American culture (for example the sport in 'Equilibrium', 1983). The series 'Banality' from 1988 depicted magnified porcelain figurines. The group of works 'Made in Heaven' led on from this in 1990, in which Koons and his ex-wife, the pornographic actress Ilona Staller, were depicted making love, as a life-size painted wood sculpture. Erotic subjects also featured in Koons' extensive painted oeuvre, combined with motifs from advertising and the consumer world, together with quotes from European art history. The Whitney Museum in New York dedicated a large retrospective to his work in 2014.

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Jeff Koons Balloon Dog (Red) €8.418
Jeff Koons Puppy €6.820
Jeff Koons Goat: A tribute to Muhammad Ali €6.200
Jeff Koons Puppy €3.000
Jeff Koons Luxury and Degradation €2.640
Jeff Koons Paddle Ball Game €1.547

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