Morath, Inge

Date/place of birth

1923 Graz

Day/place of death

2002 New York/NY

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Through contact with the photographer Ernst Haas, the trained translator Morath began working as a content writer for the "Magnum" photography agency in the early 1950s. She started taking photographs herself in 1951 and became a full member of the group in 1951. She took many photographs whilst travelling in Europe, China, North Africa and the Near East, but she also made portraits, snapshots and celebrity pictures – for example of Marilyn Monroe. She married the author Arthur Miller in 1962.

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Artist Artwork Price
Inge Morath Ms. Eveleigh Nash, Buckingham Palace Wall, London €2.604
Inge Morath Encounter on Times Square €2.360
Inge Morath Saul Steinberg Mask on Bikini Girl €2.250
Inge Morath Miss Eveleigh Nash, London €1.952
Inge Morath Navalcan, Old Castille, Bridesmaid being coiffed by sister and grandmother €1.875

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