Daido Moriyama

Date/place of birth

10. October 1938 IkedaOsakaJapan

Daido Moriyama - biography

Daido Moriyama is one of the most important Japanese photographers of the second half of the 20th century and played a major role in elevating Japanese photography to an international status.

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Daido MoriyamaPortfolio - Masters of Modern Photography Japan €9.300
Daido MoriyamaDaido Moriyama - Hiroshima (from the series: Cities) €3.472
Daido MoriyamaDaido Moriyama - Stray Dog, Misawa €2.728
Daido MoriyamaDaido Moriyama - Untitled (from the series: Kyoku / Erotica) €2.356
Daido MoriyamaDaido Moriyama - Untitled (Pont de Alexandre III, Paris) €1.984
Daido MoriyamaDaido Moriyama - Children who are too grownup (from the series: The Island with 100 Million People 48) €1.750