Hans Purrmann

Date/place of birth

1880 Speyer

Day/place of death

1966 Basel

Hans Purrmann - Landschaft bei Beilstein
Hans Purrmann - Landschaft bei Beilstein

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Hans Purrmann biography

From 1897 to 1904, Hans Purrmann attended the Academy in Munich, including the class of Franz von Stuck. In 1904 a stay in Berlin followed, and then he lived in Paris from 1905 until the beginning of the First World War, in 1914. In Paris he met the Fauvist painters Henri Matisse and André Derain and was accepted into the circle of German artists who frequented the famous Café du Dôme. The great Cézanne memorial exhibition of 1907 proved to be a turning point for Purrmann. In the same year, the “Académie Matisse” was opened at the instigation of Purrmann, Marg Moll and Sarah Stein. In the years that followed, Purrmann travelled with Matisse through the South of France and through Germany, where he arranged the sale of Matisse works to Karl Ernst Osthaus at the Folkwang-Museum. From 1916 onwards, Purrmann lived in Berlin, and he received his first major solo exhibition from Paul Cassirer. The years that followed were defined by travel – to southern Italy, among other places. In 1935, on the basis of a recommendation, the artist received the position of director at the German artists’ foundation in the Villa Romana in Florence, and he was thus able to largely avoid the repressive measures of the Nazis. Near the end of the war, Purrmann was able to move to Switzerland, where he settled in Montagnola and became friends with Hermann Hesse, among others. His oeuvre is defined by luminous, sun-filled and clear colours which record southern landscapes, still lifes and portraits.

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Hans Purrmann Prices

Hans PurrmannLandschaft bei Beilstein€173.600
Hans PurrmannMeereslandschaft bei Cassis€152.320
Hans PurrmannBodenseelandschaft mit Schloss Montfort€146.400
Hans PurrmannMeerlandschaft bei Lacco Ameno (Ischia)€142.800
Hans PurrmannKüstenlandschaft bei Lacco Ameno, Ischia€142.600
Hans PurrmannLandschaft bei Collioure€121.380

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