Rodtschenko, Alexander

Date/place of birth

1891 St. Petersburg

Day/place of death

1956 Moscow

Alexander Rodtschenko - Ohne Titel
Alexander Rodtschenko - Ohne Titel

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Alexander Michailowitsch Rodtschenko was among the leading members of the artistic avant-garde following the October revolution of 1917. Although he was still indebted to French Cubism during his studies in Kasan, contact with Constructivist artists such as Malewitsch and Tatlin encouraged his interest in photography and collage, which he combined with aspects of print work as a form of revolutionary art. His photographic works are characterised by their starkly formal compositions and unusual perspectives. He mainly focussed on photojournalism and non-figural photography.

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Alexander RodtschenkoOhne Titel€108.000
Alexander RodtschenkoOhne Titel (Abstrakte Komposition)€90.440
Alexander RodtschenkoOhne Titel€64.260
Alexander RodtschenkoOhne Titel€52.800
Two porcelain cups and one saucer, inscribed "Thanks to the crèche, mothers are able to work".€4.340
Alexander RodtschenkoLilja Brik auf der Terrasse, Puschkino (Lili Brik on the terrace, Pushkino)€3.172

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