Oskar Schlemmer

Date/place of birth

04. September 1888 StuttgartGermany

Day/place of death

13. April 1943 Baden-BadenGermany

Oskar Schlemmer - biography

Man and his continuing dance through space was Oskar Schlemmer’s central theme. The German Bauhaus artist understood his paintings as a stage on which he combined stereometric figural groups in harmonious choreography with great care and much sensitivity.

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Oskar Schlemmer Prices

ArtistArtworkPrice (incl. premium)
Oskar Schlemmer Bauplastik R €250.000
Oskar Schlemmer Drei Frauen von rückwärts €189.000
Oskar Schlemmer Vorübergehender und Stehender (Passing Figure and Standing Figure) €134.200
Oskar Schlemmer Bauplastik R €126.000
Oskar Schlemmer Ornamentale Plastik €105.400
Oskar Schlemmer Gruppe mit rotem Knaben €92.820