Hans Thuar - Grete vor Heuhaufen
Hans Thuar - Grete vor Heuhaufen

Thuar, Hans

Date/place of birth

1887 Treppendorf near Lübben

Day/place of death

1945 Bad Langensalza

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Hans Thuar's artistic development was at first clearly influenced by his close friendship with August Macke, who had introduced him to painting. Having lost both legs in an accident when he was still young, Thuar spent a short time studying at the Düsseldorf Academy of Art, but then continued as a self-taught artist and developed his own individual Expressionist style through his study of Cubist, Futurist and Fauvist positions. His artistic success came when he participated in the Sonderbund exhibition in Cologne, the exhibition “Rheinische Expressionisten” in Bonn and the “Erster Deutscher Herbstsalon” at the Berlin gallery “Der Sturm”. After Macke's early death in the First World War, which caused a profound crisis for Thuar, the artist reached the climax of his artistic career in the 1920s, painting mainly landscapes and portraits. In the subsequent decades however, partly due to his financial situation, Thuar rarely worked as an artist. Mackes’s and Thuar’s families were to stay affiliated with each other: one of Thuar’s daughter’s married Wolfgang Macke, who in turn later published the first monograph on the artist.

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Artist Artwork Price
Hans Thuar Grete vor Heuhaufen €25.410
Hans Thuar Begegnung im Park €54.740
Hans Thuar Endenicher Strasse €38.080
Hans Thuar Porträt eines Freundes €4.760
Hans Thuar Stilleben mit blauer Flasche €4.484
Hans Thuar Reiher €3.570

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