Günther Uecker

Date/place of birth

March 13, 1930 Wendorf, Pomerania

Günther Uecker - biography

Born in 1930 in Wendorf, Mecklenburg, Günther Uecker spent his childhood and youth however on the Baltic island of Wustrow where his father was employed as an engineer and ground staff at the airport. His positive childhood experiences as well more traumatic ones with the Russian occupation of the island in the spring of 1945 would characterise the later work of the artist. In 1949, Uecker began studying painting at the decorative arts college in Wismar, later moving to the art school in Berlin-Weißensee. In 1953 Uecker became one of the first squatters.

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Günther UeckerFeld 83/84€788.000
Günther UeckerGespalten€536.000
Günther UeckerUntitled€342.000
Günther UeckerFeld€310.000
Günther UeckerWeisses Feld€305.000
Günther UeckerZero Garden€254.100