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Lot 556 D

Elger Esser - Radi, Italien

Contemporary Art  01.12.2012, 11:00 - 01.12.2012, 18:00

Estimate: 20.000 € - 25.000 €
Result: 24.400 €

Elger Esser

Radi, Italien

C-Print unter Plexiglas (Diasec). Exemplar 4/5 + 2 A.P.

„Esser's photographic signature is manifested not only in the way he traces and presents the beauty of landscapes, but also in the deliberate way he limits what he views to that which is not omnipresent. Esser's oeuvre stands out for this permeation with precise description, acute intuition, and a sensitivity bereft of any pathos, this combination of tangible evidence and intrinsic meaning. His interest is not in the ecological change to which landscape is subjected, nor does he gaze at the impact of processes of migration or tourism. He is solely interested in landscape for aesthetic reasons. […] At any rate, for Esser photography is the traditional form of paying homage to the beauty of landscape.” (cited from: Rupert Pfab, Magie der Orte, in: Elger Esser. Veduten und Landschaften, Munich 2000, p. 34)


Johnen + Schöttle, Cologne; Private collection, Belgium