Upper Rhine-Region c. 1460/1470 - MADONNA AND CHILD

Upper Rhine-Region c. 1460/1470


Height 186 cm.

Probably limewood, carved, reverse flattened and deeply hollowed, skin of Madonna and Child and shoes of Madonna with original polychromy, the underside of the sculpture with old and reworked polychromy. The full-length larger than life-size figure of the Virgin standing on a crescent, the Christ Child holding a globe sitting on her left forearm over her hip. The sceptre formerly in her right hand and the separately worked crown now lost. The underside carved with clouds and a rectangular recess, perhaps once a reliquary.

Her right foot somewhat forward facing, her head turned towards the Child, stood in a gentle, slightly swaying, contrapposto, emphasised by the vertical folds falling from the belted garment, the lateral and other variously carved folds of the mantle that gather in front of the body contrast to this. The high quality of the carving is clear, especially in the physiognomy and hair of both Madonna and Child. The design recalls that of the Upper Rhine during the second half of the 15th century.

The cross of the globe lost. Only minor damage with some losses. Surface of the now unmounted areas with worm damage.


Private possession.


For comparable Upper Rhine sculptures from the second half of the 15th century see, for example: Exh. cat. "Spätgotik am Oberrhein. Meisterwerke der Plastik und des Kunsthandwerks 1450-1530", Karlsruhe 1970, pp. 77-78, 104, 127-128, 142-143 & 149, cat. no. 1, 34, 63, 85 & 94, ill. 1, 34, 59, 79 u. 88.

Lot 1146 Dα

60.000 € - 80.000 €

73.200 €