Heinrich Funk - ALPINE LANDSCAPE - image-1
Heinrich Funk - ALPINE LANDSCAPE - image-1

Heinrich Funk


Oil on canvas. 100 x 160 cm.
H. Funk 1866.

This large-scale landscape presumably depicts the Inn Valley in the Kaiser mountain region, often painted by Heinrich Funk, for example in the painting in Frankfurt's Städel-Museum and the work illustrated in the Dictionary of the Düsseldorf School of Painting, vol. 1., p. 386.

From 1830-1835, Heinrich Funk studied at the Düsseldorf Academy with Schirmer and Lessing. The Rhenish late-Romanticism demonstrated by these artists had a continuing impact on his work. After a stay in Munich, where he became acquainted with the works of the Rottmann circle, Funk moved to Frankfurt in 1836. From there he continued to undertake scholarly trips to the Alps and the surrounding regions. In 1854 he became professor for landscape painting at the Stuttgart Art Academy, a position that he resigned from in 1876. Dated 1866, our painting was created during his Stuttgart years and reflects not only the characteristic style of Schirmer but also the influence of Munich atmospheric painting.

Apart from an approximately 5 cm long retouched tear to the upper right edge, the painting is in very good condition. In need of cleaning.


Private possession, Germany


M. Wirsig: Heinrich Funk, 1986, p. 118, cat. no. 18, ill. 92.

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