Georg Schrimpf - Oberbayerische Landschaft

Georg Schrimpf - Oberbayerische Landschaft - image-1
Georg Schrimpf - Oberbayerische Landschaft - image-1

Georg Schrimpf

Oberbayerische Landschaft

oil on canvas 45 x 70,3 cm G. Schrimpf

Schrimpf quite often painted the landscape around his native city Munich - surely also because of a feeling of attachment to his homeland. However, in the 1930s, landscapes were also a subject that gave many artists the chance to continue working without having to fear political reprisals. Like others, Schrimpf, who had shown his work as early as 1916 at Herwarth Walden's gallery "Der Sturm" and was represented by an exceptional number of works in the mid-1920s at the Mannheim exhibition "Neue Sachlichkeit" ("New Objectivity"), was only narrowly able to escape persecution by the Nazi regime. A "New Romanticism" in art was the subject of numerous exhibitions during the late twenties and early thirties. In the "Oberbayerische Landschaft" ("Upper Bavarian landscape") here, Schrimpf gives expression to this new sense of romanticism - which is suggestive of the works of old masters - but nonetheless remains commited to the coolness of the "New Objectivity". Long banks of clouds are softly lit in the last fading glow of the evening; two trees function as repoussoirs, providing viewers with a means to enter into the expansive pictorial space. The landscape possesses an extraordinary, indeed supernatural depth: Even the roof shingles and the tips of the fir trees on the most distant hills are depicted in a level of detail that could hardly be found in reality. This invests the landscape, in its descriptive idyll, with a surreally unsettling aspect.
Today, paintings from the very limited oeuvre that this artist created in his short life are only rarely available on the market.


With a photo-certificate from Christmut Präger, Heidelberg, dated 12 April 2013
The work will be registered in the new edition of the catalogue raisonné under no. 1932/12


Acquired in Berlin in the 1930s, since then in private possession, North Rhine-Westphalia

Lot 679 Dα

28.000 € - 30.000 €

32.940 €