Günther Förg - Untitled

Günther Förg - Untitled - image-1
Günther Förg - Untitled - image-1

Günther Förg


Acrylic on canvas. 120 x 100.5 cm. Framed. Signed 'Förg'. Signed and dated 'Förg 2000' Verso on canvas.

„Günther Förg is a painter who follows his path using stringent means of reduction and concentration to achieve a state where a painting works visually through its colors, forms, and structures while it offers the additional experience of wealth of references and meanings through its background. Förg's imagery has grown out of abstract painting and minimalism and is restricted to selected forms and colors. The identity of his paintings is nor created and defined by a motif: his subject is painting and he does not give us any illusion of a visible world. In spite of a brushwork that is both laconic and brisk, his us e of color is fundamental to his work. […] Shapes of lines, frames, bars, stripes, crosses, grids and nets have been important elements in Förg's oeuvre since his very beginnings as an artist. These shapes remind us of architecture or of architectural elements such as windows and doors, and they add structure and rhythm to his paintings. Yet the effect is not three-dimensional or illusionist. The terms of architecture are indispensable components and a frequently recurring motif in his pictorial composition.” (Bernd Reiß, Günther Förg, Paintings, Walls and Photographs, in: Galerie Max Hetzler (ed.), Günther Förg 1987-2011, exhib.cat. Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin 2011, p.17).

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