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Renée Sintenis - Kopfstehender Junge (Fritz)

Auction 1033 - overview Cologne
30.05.2014, 18:00 - Modern Art
Estimate: 18.000 € - 22.000 €
Result: 15.860 € (incl. premium)

Renée Sintenis

Kopfstehender Junge (Fritz)

Bronze Height 11.5 cm Numbered and monogrammed '20 RS' on the base, and with the foundry stamp "H. NOACK BERLIN". - With dark brown patina. - In very good condition.

Figural sculpture plays only a relatively small but nonetheless impressive part in the oeuvre of Renée Sintenis. The free limbs and the dark patina make an expressive feature of the boy's slender body. What makes this sculpture so delightful is the interest in movement as well as the play of light and shade on the vividly designed surface. “Fritz, the second acrobat, performs a headstand and appears so cheerful whilst doing so that the amazed audience is quite definitely anticipating further caprioles. The asymmetric positioning of the legs makes the sculpture appear to be in unstable balance thus cleverly suggesting a spontaneous subsequent movement. If we refrain from focusing on the pictorial content of this bronze, the figurine is evocative of a written Chinese character. The contour opens up into the entire room whilst remaining true to the motif.” (Britta Buhlmann, Renée Sintenis, op. cit., pp. 83 f.).

Catalogue Raisonné

Buhlmann 65


We would like to thank Britta Buhlmann for her additional information. The engraved "20" probably refers to the number of casts and not to the date.


Private possession, Austria


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