A Meissen three-figure commedia dell'arte group.

A Meissen three-figure commedia dell'arte group.

Columbine is seated in the lap of an elegantly dressed gentleman whilst Harlequin lies at their feet surreptiticiously peeking under her skirts. Unglazed underside with blue crossed swords mark. In fine condition with only minor faults. One finger broken; a small reattached breakage to the man's coat, chips to the toes and several of the floral elements. A firing crack through the base. H 15.7 cm.
Designed by Johann Joachim Kaendler shortly before 1740, fired ca. 1745 - 50.


Cf. ie.: Hackenbroch, Meissen and other Continental Porcelain. The Irwin Untermyer Collection, Cambridge 1956, fig. 78 (now the Metropolitan Museum of Art) and: v. Wallwitz, Celebrating Kaendler, Munich 2006, p. 84 ff.

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