A pair of Berlin KPM neoclassical ormolu mounted porcelain table centrepieces.

A pair of Berlin KPM neoclassical ormolu mounted porcelain table centrepieces.

The chamfered pedestals supporting four gilt biscuit porcelain lions and a foliate bronze mounting to hold the gilt tops. The mountings numbered VI and VII. The tops decorated with rectangular gilt foliate framed reserves containing depictions of white deer and wild birds.

These two table centrepieces belong to a set of eight "sauce boats no. 5, coloured: With various animals, the borders richly decorated and engraved", which Frederick William III presented as a wedding gift to his daughter upon her marriage to the Russian Grand Prince Nikolai. Her wedding with the later Tsar Nikolaus II took place on 13th June 1817, but the service could first be delivered in full in 1823.
These pedestals with moulded lions, which were originally intended as presentoires for the tureens of the "Feldherrenservice", but served a different function in Russia as larger containers are preferred in the "Service à la Russe". Blue sceptre mark with orange enamel dash, various painter's marks, impressed numbers and incised marks. Minor wear to the etched gilt decor. L pedestal 33.3 cm, W 25 cm; L of tops 46.5 cm.
Ca. 1815; the decor probably after engraving by Johann Elias Ridinger.


Auctioned by Christie's New York, 19.10.2007, lot 348.
Auctioned by Christie's King Street, 12.12.1996, lot 170.


The plinths with lions from the Iron Helmet service illus. in: "Orden auf königlichem Porzellan" Petersberg 2013, cat. 3.19. Examples with similarly fine gilt etching from the service for the Duke of Wellington illus. in: "The Prussian Sevice - The Duke of Wellington's Berlin Dinner Service", Berlin 1989, pl. 9 - 12.

Lot 181 Dα

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