A large Berlin KPM porcelain jardiniere.

A large Berlin KPM porcelain jardiniere.

Of oval form, the exterior partially openwork and with painterly floral decor to the long sides, both paintings signed “K. Jung”. Inscribed to one short side with the monogram “AV” and to the other “Weihnachten 1906”. Blue sceptre mark, red imperial orb mark, impressed model number 3480. H 20.5; L 51 cm.
1906; painted by Karl Jung.

Karl Jung was employed as a painter by KPM from 1888 to 1896, and specialised in painting azaleas and anenomes. This opulently decorated piece was given as a Christmas present by Empress Auguste Viktoria (1858 - 1921) to an unknown recepient several years after Jung left the firm.


For this form, cf.: Dietz, "Blühende Zeit der KPM", Petersberg 2013, p. 410.



Lot 268 Dα

3.000 € - 4.000 €

6.200 €