Antoine Pesne - The Dancer Barbarina Campanini

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Antoine Pesne - The Dancer Barbarina Campanini - image-1Antoine Pesne - The Dancer Barbarina Campanini - image-2

Antoine Pesne

The Dancer Barbarina Campanini

Oil on canvas (relined). 68 x 52 cm.

Two of the greatest stars of Frederician Berlin's cultural scene are brought together in this work. It's most important painter Antoince Pesne - the esteemed and influential who enjoyed a long career as court painter - and the internationally renowned dancer Barbarina Campanini. Following her great success in Paris and London, Frederick II invited her to the Berlin opera from Venice in 1744. She fell into disfavour shortly after, but Frederick's successor Frederick William II compensated this by awarding her the title of Duchess Campanini.
Antoine Pesne probably painted five portraits of Campanini two of which were thought to be lost, including the present work which was rediscovered in Italy. It shows a full figure depiction of the dancer with a young bagpipe player to the left and a view of a landscape to the right. The most important Campanini portrait, also a full-figure depiction of her dancing which measured 214 x 140 cm, formerly hung in Frederick's study in Berlin Palace and is now kept in Charlottenburg Palace. A further portrait by Pesne shows a half-figure depiction of Campanini with a tambourine, wearing the same earrings and a similar costume as in the present work, is today also kept in Charlottenburg.
Antoine Pesne influenced the style of painting in Berlin until he was usurped by the great Adolph Menzel one hundred years later, as shown by the numerous studies and sketches which Menzel made of his works.


Antonio Morassi, Milano 30.7.1953.


James von Bleichröder, Berlin. - Sold by Lepke Berlin 31.5.1938, no. 152. - Private collection, Italy.


Catalogue of the exhibition with old masters works owned by members of the Kaiser-Friedrich-Museums-Vereins, 1906, no. 101. - G. Poensgen (ed.): Antoine Pesne, Werkkatalog bearbeitet von Ekhart Berckenhagen, 1958, p. 108.


Berlin 1906 (on loan to James von Bleichröder).

Lot 6 Dα

30.000 € - 40.000 €

104.160 €