A small Meissen porcelain parrot.

A small Meissen porcelain parrot.

With mixed decor. The smallest version of this parrot figure depicted perching on a treestump. The plumage finely painted in shades of green with purple accents to the wings and tail. Unglazed, slightly ground down base with faint blue crossed swords mark, incised model number 37. The tail reattached after a firing breakage, the tip of the beak and the grassy knoll restored. H 14 cm.
Modelled by Johann Joachim Kaendler October 1741, formed and painted around this time.


For this model cf. Pietsch ed., Arbeitsberichte, Leipzig 2002, p. 84: "8. Annoch einen Pappagoy kleinste Sorte Neu poussiret, damit auch 2. gegen ein ander sehen."

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