Jacques Samuel Bernard - Vase of Flowers

Jacques Samuel Bernard

Vase of Flowers

Oil on canvas (relined). 69 x 53 cm (oval).

The place of birth of the talented still life painter Jacques Samuel Bernard is unknown, but his works and style can be reconstructed through the few signed pieces found in museums and on the art market. One particularly notable characteristic of his work is the frequent use of the same metal vase with a fire-gilt base, usually placed upon a tabletop with an egg and dart border. His floral arrangements also become slimmer towards the top, with just a few blooms surmounting the composition. Both of these typical motifs can be observed in the present work and in a similar signed still life sold by Sotheby's in New York, on 28th of January 1999 as lot 283.

We are grateful to Claudia Salvi and Eric Coatelem for confirming the present painting as an authentic work by Jaques Samuel Bernard.

Lot 1085 Dα

22.000 € - 25.000 €