Fritz Klimsch - In Wind und Sonne

Fritz Klimsch

In Wind und Sonne

Bronze Height 147 cm Monogrammed 'FK' (joined) to the back left of the cast-with plinth and with foundry stamp "H. NOACK BERLIN". - With fine, black-green patina.

Fritz Klimsch himself described the present bronze "In Wind und Sonne", as one of his most beautiful works. The sculptor has convincingly managed to imbue the figure with both motion and repose, combining these opposites in a naturalistic harmony. Klimsch has depicted the young woman's body as an elegant vertical curve, but at the same time he creates a twisting movement through the careful placement of the extended right leg, the upward and outward bending of the arms and the slight inclination of the head to the left. The young woman appears to be enjoying the imaginary rays of the sun, but at the same time shielding herself from a seemingly cool breeze. Walter Manggold describes the piece as follows: "The sensual pleasure in the appearance, the power of its sculptural composition, the loose flow of the lines and the almost lyrically spirited conception are all elements of Fritz Klimsch's oeuvre" and adds that "his works exude the lust for life of a more intensely felt reality" which is "expressed in a perfectly balanced sculptural form." (Walter Manggold, Fritz Klimsch, in: Die Kunst für Alle, op.cit., p. 108.) Not least the fine patina of the present work also contributes to its overall appeal.

List of works

Braun 176


Formerly private collection, Cologne; Private collection, Saxony


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Cologne 1970 (Gemälde-Galerie Abels), cat. no. 8, illus. (possibly this cast)

Lot 222 D

40.000 € - 50.000 €

62.000 €