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Three fan paintings by various painters. a) Wang Xizhi with geese and old women below a pine tree. Ink and colour on gold paper. Inscription, signed Zi Yan Wangxiao and two seals. b) Bird on a flower branch. Ink and colour on gold-dusted paper. Inscription, dated cyclically dingmao (1927), signed and one seal. c) Poppy by a taihu rock. Ink and colour on paper. Inscription, dated cyclically jiaxu (1934), signed Meng ... nüshi and one seal. (3)
a) 14.6 x 43.5 cm, b) 18 x 51 cm, c) 26.7 x 26 cm

扇面(三張)(一)王羲之圖/籠鵝乞扇圖 設色金箋 款識:籠鵝乞扇圖 擬唐子畏筆意 為菊生四兄大人雅政 子儼王焈 (二)花鳥 設色灑金箋(三)花石 甲戌年 設色紙本

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